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GOR (1987)



Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison talk for way too long about the movie GOR. I mean, if you’ve seen this movie, you’ll wonder why we have so much to say.

Bonus Episode!

abdul, paula03Another bonus episode with Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison saying crazy shit. A word of warning, this thing starts out pretty heavy with a brief discussion of the very-hard-to-watch rape scene in the movie Irreversible. If that’s the sort of thing you’re sensitive about then maybe you should skip this one.

The rest of the episode is our typical nonsense. We talk about the way movies today are all dumb and no one has any good ideas anymore. We talk a little about music, Vampires, marsupial werewolves and we get to hear Robin sing a little. There’s also a glimpse into how the sausage is made, we even mention our infamous unaired CHUD episode.

Thanks for listening.

Bonus episode!

It’s thursday and that means Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker are here to talk about all kinds of horrible, hateful crap. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, bad impressions, the Lego movie, The Heat, Pacific Rim, Ron Perlman, comics book conventions, celebrity poetry, celebrity sex tapes… We create our own version of the Expendables, called The Dependables,  we also make fun of Tom Sizemore… a lot. Apologies to Jeremy Renner




Bonus episode !

Another rock em, sock em bonus episode featuring a brief discussion of all kinds of dumb things like getting sushi in Iowa and what a god damned, adorable, little saint Robin’s son is. We also talk about some upcoming movies and Russell Crowe’s band.


Sleepy Hollow

Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker discuss the 1948 Disney movie The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s a weird one. Disney+All+-+The+Legend+Of+Sleepy+Hollow+-+The+Story+And+Songs+-+Sealed+-+LP+RECORD-284256No, New York isn’t part of New England. Elijah, you god damned idiot.



bonus episode !

A quick Bonus episode where Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker briefly discuss Hobbit 2, Frances Ha, 300 part 2, Judge Dredd, fuck montages, kids these days and a bunch of other dumb shit.

The Running Man

Our first “real” episode. This week Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker discuss the uh… classic Schwarzenegger film from 1987, The Running man. Thrills, spills and a tongue-tied discussion of racism and rapey-ness. Fun for the whole family except for all the swears.

podcast ep. 1

In this episode Robin Morrison and I start off with a short  discussion of some movies we’re looking forward to and embarrassing stories about pornography. You know, the basics.


Check out the page above marked “comics” for links to Jezebel and a few older things I already had lying around in my archives. Chances are, if you’re reading this or know who I am, you’ve read at least some of that stuff already but there you go. I have plans to add a few new stories in the near future.

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Hey you. Out of sheer boredom I’m offering you the chance to steer how my podcasting endeavor is going to go. I think I’ll be posting new shit every week. nothing special, only mildly entertaining, short and sweet until I figure out what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Anyway, if you have something funny, stupid, terrible, filthy etc. to say, please call this number (503) 345-9640 and leave a message. It’s a google voice number, not tied to my real phone and I wont call you back or sell your phone number or anything. This is just for fun, stop being such a god damned paranoid shithead and have a good time for once in your fuckin’ life. Jesus, some people.