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warm up panels

warmuppanels1I usually end up doing some warm up panels every morning just to get the juices flowing. Sometimes they turn into actual comics, usually they go nowhere. This one was me playing around with a red niji pen and an orange micron. I never have any need for those pens so I figured I’d play around. These girls might show up in some comic somewhere in the future, I kind of like them. we’ll see.


comic01webquite often, pages like this just come out. sometimes they can get rolling pretty easy and jump start some kind of story. Usually I just file them away and hope they do me some good somewhere down the line.

This page was just a little exercise while I was winding down and getting ready to go to sleep last night. I really like the way this page came out. I mean, the lettering is gross and the panel borders are a little too sloppy but I wish I could keep my drawings this loose and fun.