A while back I did some little paintings of demons that float around in my head. I had a lot of trouble with this guy. 

Left Behind (2014)


Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker have fun watching the raptureless rapture movie, Left Behind. Starring Nic Cage of all things. What the hell, right?


red tornado


One of the first things I did online was draw a bunch of pictures of superheroes with pithy commentary about how silly they all seemed. Some people thought the things I wrote were funny and that helped launch me into the world of writing stupid shit on the internet, hoping to entertain someone. This picture of Red Tornado is over ten years old and the drawing still looks okay to me. The drawing itself is pretty whack but the color scheme of Red Tornado is really appealing. The design of the character is almost un-fuck-up-able. 

After all this time, I’m still not sure what the character is all about. He’s a robot that can make tornadoes or he’s a living tornado in a robot body or some shit… Who knows? comic books are stupid.

Cafe Flesh (1982)



Robin (Johnny Rico) Morrison and Elijah (Rinse Dream) Brubaker take a look at the art porn classic, Cafe Flesh. It’s not bad, there are totally dongs and beavers in this movie. I’m pretty sure porn of the era was obligated to light everything like it the meat section in a supermarket. Everything is swollen and red and I’ll be damned if I didn’t get a hankering for skirt steak watching this thing.

It should also be noted that this movie has a story and acting and cool arty set pieces. Things that are hard to come by in most things labeled pornographic. Yes, I realize I used the phrase “hard to come by.” get your mind out of the gutter, you degenerate.

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Retail Nightmare (bonus episode!)


In episode 108 of the Movie Show, Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker talk about terrible retail experiences and nightmares. There’s a brief guest at the top of the show. Enjoy our filth, wallow in it.
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Barbarella (1968)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.56.34 PM

Elijah (Durand Durand) Brubaker and Robin (Pygar) Morrison take a look at the great 60’s sci-fi sex-romp, Barbarella. This movie is chock full of plastic and fur and there’s SOOOO much Jane Fonda. There’s more Jane Fonda in this thing than has ever been in anything. This movie has eye-candy throughout, including John Phillip Law who’s a hunk and a half. Awoogah.


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The Quiet Man (1952)

quietmanRobin (Marion) Morrison and Elijah (Maureen) O’Brubaker discuss the 1952 John Wayne/John Ford collaboration, The Quiet Man. It isn’t the usual fair for these two except for the universal sentiment “bitches be trippin’.” Feel free to Irish up some coffee and kick back while the guys discuss the film, stem to stern… spoiler alert, of course.