Bonus Episode!

abdul, paula03Another bonus episode with Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison saying crazy shit. A word of warning, this thing starts out pretty heavy with a brief discussion of the very-hard-to-watch rape scene in the movie Irreversible. If that’s the sort of thing you’re sensitive about then maybe you should skip this one.

The rest of the episode is our typical nonsense. We talk about the way movies today are all dumb and no one has any good ideas anymore. We talk a little about music, Vampires, marsupial werewolves and we get to hear Robin sing a little. There’s also a glimpse into how the sausage is made, we even mention our infamous unaired CHUD episode.

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Reindeer Games (2000)

If you’re a fan of big, sloppy, full-on, open mouthed, fish-face kissing then happy freaking holidays. Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker go into too much detail about the uh… worst movie ever, Reindeer Games. Robin has some lofty words for this John Frankeheimer holiday heist movie and Elijah has some pithy bon mots that sort of make him sound like dick, also his Danny Trejo impression isn’t helping matters. Take a shot every time the fellas say “Ashton Kutcher.”

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bonus episode!

seriously, every week we put out two episodes, the “real” episode and one of these fucking things where we just kinda riff on stuff and talk about how awesome we are and laugh at our own jokes. It’s pretty cool. This episode, we talk about dope, celebrity crushes and time travel. subscribe in itunes if you’re reading this somewhere other than itunes. Rate us, review us. send us feedback at elijahbrubaker@gmail or voicemail at 503-345-9640


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A field in England (2013)

Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison discuss the historical thriller by way of psychedelic mindfuck, A Field In England. We get into a few of our theories about the symbolism and psychological underpinnings of the characters, we even talk briefly about the historical backdrop and examine some of the minor flaws and potential problems of the film. We also talk about pussies for a while.afield

reich 11


"Cartoonist and illustrator Elijah Brubaker has really started to get critics’ attention with his current comic book project Reich, from Sparkplug Comics: a fictionalized account of the notorious life of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who was persecuted throughout his professional life for his theories on human sexuality. Through a long-time fascination and exhaustive research, Brubaker has crafted an absorbing portrait of a tortured and ambitious man, and he hasn’t even gotten to the part about aliens yet!" David Paggi, Wizard Universe
(24 interior pages, 6” x 9”, B&W with color cover, Sparkplug Books)

Bonus Episode!

Episode 17. Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker gas on about  Cameron Diaz, Godzilla, shrooms, Harold Ramis, Some Marvel movies,  Enemy, Multiple Annas and having Adventure Time thoughts.


This is Thor…


Nomads (1986)

Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker discuss John McTiernan’s first feature, Nomads. It’s ten pounds of crazy in a five pound bag. nomads-affiche

Darkman (1990) part 2

Part two of our exhaustive and exhausting look into the 1990 Liam Neeson thrill ride, Darkman. Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison are your tour guides.


Darkman (1990) part 1

Another two part episode as Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker try to figure out what’s up with Darkman. I’m not going to ruin it for you… giver ‘er a listen.


Bonus episode

episode 13. Another Thursday morning, another short bonus episode. Robin and Elijah get a little punchy and discuss Charles Grodin, phone destruction, The LEGO movie, This Is The End and morning radio sound effects. Monday’s movie will be the 1990 masked vigilante film Darkman.

The Muppets (2011)

This week, Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison rip the ass out of Disney’s Muppets and core out the insides. We’ll tell you what we found in there as well as discuss some other gross things. Apologies to Danielle from Olalla, Wa .


Bonus episode!

It’s thursday and that means Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker are here to talk about all kinds of horrible, hateful crap. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, bad impressions, the Lego movie, The Heat, Pacific Rim, Ron Perlman, comics book conventions, celebrity poetry, celebrity sex tapes… We create our own version of the Expendables, called The Dependables,  we also make fun of Tom Sizemore… a lot. Apologies to Jeremy Renner