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The Movie Show was a weekly movie review podcast hosted by myself (Elijah) and Robin Morrison. Later in its run, we retooled the concept to talk about the first season of several TV shows but scheduling the show became difficult. We hope to return some day, perhaps with the same format, perhaps something else. There are a few years worth of episodes to dig through though, and if you haven’t heard us blather on about horrible things, you might get some enjoyment from it.

Write us about the show, movies you’ve seen, movies you hate, offers to give us money, death threats or any other ol’ thing at elijahbrubaker at g mail and use the subject “podcast”

One thought on “Podcast

  1. 50 Shades of Grey. Funniest freakin’ show ever! Robin’s diary entries had me rolling in the floor! AWESOME! Keep putting out the awesome shows!

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