Diary Strips (click the image above.) No longer updated.

title cardThe Biblical story of Jezebel, it’s a humor thing. The comic was updated weekly at Studygroup. There are a ton of other great comics over there too.

Read Jezebel from the beginning or go to the newest installment. (no further updates. Jezebel will be published soon from Uncivilized Books)



The arguably true story of the Ghoul of Gray’s harbor, Billy Gohl.  90 pages.

Short comics 

stuff from my Blue Moon minicomics and anthologies, usually 10 pages or less.

Autoptic show report
rain icon Rain
The Mammoth Hunters
A Ballad
The Hulk
Los Angeles

More comics coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Comics

  1. Hey Elijah,

    It was good working the cartoon art museum table with you at the San Diego Comic Con. Really dug your take on the super heros and villians.

    Hit me up some time to talk shop.


  2. Great meeting you seamus, I was bummed we didn’t get to talk more but that’s the nature of those shows I think. We’ll definitely have to keep in touch.

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