Movie Show update


Hey, you dumb dicks, it’s your best friend, Elijah Brubaker. If you’ve subscribed to the podcast I co-host with my stalwart compatriot, Robin Morrison, I’ve got some news. Due to some technical snafu or internet wangdang that came my way, the feed wasn’t being read by Itunes anymore. A real bummer, as we’ve amassed literary tens of listeners over there.

Everything has been patched up. I’ve splortched chewing gum over all the cracks and duct-taped that mamma-jamma to kingdom come. Unfortunately, in the process of getting the show back on the air, I was forced to create a new feed and rejigger things extensively.

What that means for you is, you’ll have to go here and resubscribe to the Movie Show. Sorry for the hassle.

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