Lethal Weapon (1987)


Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison talk through the seminal 80’s action movie, Lethal Weapon. Comparisons to Die Hard are inevitable. both movies were released within a year of one another, both are action-y, christmas-in-LA movies and both feature a love affair between a deranged, violent lunatic and an old, wise, black gentleman. Unlike Die Hard however, you can’t really boil the story of Lethal Weapon down into anything that would make sense to someone unfamiliar with the film. It’s like describing a dream.

“Oh man, so… this murderous dude with awesome hair lives on the beach and there’s an old black guy having a birthday party in his bathtub and Gary Busey is there and then a house explodes.”

This movie, directed by Dick Donner, stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover… but you knew that already. Everyone has seen this movie. Babies have seen this movie.

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