Transformers: Age Of Extinction (preamble)

transformers4This one has been sitting in the hopper for a bit. Robin (Optimus) Morrison and Elijah (Shia LeBeef) Brubaker finally get around to talking about a Michael Bay movie. The votes were tallied, palms were greased and we finally settled on which Michael Bay movie was worthy of our attention… It was the Rock, all the feedback we received was mostly about the Rock. We had a few votes for Pearl Harbor and Elijah kept insisting that the Island was worth another shot but screw it, we went with Transformers 4: It Got Dinobots. So here’s a quick intro to the episode because this movie is SOOOOO long and Elijah and Robin talk about the whole thing. There’s also a bit where the fellas talk about Anaconda (like I said, this one has been cooling for a while)

Anyway, enjoy… ya facking queer.