Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)


This week, Robin Morrison and Elijah Brubaker watched Mission: Impossible 2: Even More Impossible-er! It’s directed by John Woo, who didn’t direct the Ice Storm, nor did he direct Double Team. Both Elijah and Robin seem a little confused about who exactly John Woo is. The Killer… he did the Killer… Right? Come on, man, look it up yourself.

This movie has all the things you’d want from a tough-as-nails, spyhard movie. It has Beloved in it. it has horse racing. it has slow motion, upside-down, dual-gun, gun-fu. There’s a part where Tom Cruise lowers himself down on a zipline thing and stops right before he hits the ground. Also, motorcycles.

Did I mention Beloved is in this?

So, as the dog days of summer really rev into high gear and my metaphors get mixed more than a jug of sweet iced tea, kick back, grab yourself some high octane, brain melter intoxicants and watch along with the Movie Show! Awooooo!

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