Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) part one


METAL UP YOUR ASS! Get ready for a balls-out, fucked up and totally metal examination of the patriarchy… Naw, not really. Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison do, briefly, tackle that particular internet Bailiwick and it’s connection to Mad Max: Furry Rod, but mostly, they just talk about stuff exploding in the desert. This movie is about stuff exploding in the desert. It starts with things exploding in the desert and they don’t stop exploding until everything in the desert is exploded.

keep in mind this movie is still in theaters and the guys talk about everything in the movie., stem to stern, crotch to cranium. There isn’t really anything to spoil but don’t come crying to us when that thing in the desert explodes and it isn’t a surprise because you listened to this goofball podcast. Spoiler alert, assholes.

This is part one of two.


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