Dreamcatcher (2003) part 1



Robin Morrison listens patiently as Elijah Brubaker rants about the classic Sci-Fi movie, Dreamcatcher. What kind of shenanigans can four psychic bros get into when they go on an annual hunting trip in the snowy woods of Maine? Well, a whole lotta hell breaks out because Maine is where Stephen King lives. As we all know, 99% of everyone in Stephen-King-land  is psychic, possessed or insane and bound for a horrible showdown with butt aliens.

Dreamcatcher has a running time of four million years and the guys cover most of the thing in detail, as well as going on their usual stupid jags about goofy garbage so we had to break it up into two episodes. Part two posts in a few days.

Dreamcatcher (2003) directed by Lawrence Kasdan. Written by Kasdan and William Goldman, adapted from the novel by Stephen King.

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