Batman and Robin (1997)

batman-robin-in-bed-together-e1308928955169Holy shit, Batman! Robin (Batman) Morrison and Elijah (Robin) Brubaker have a lot to say about the 1997 Joel Schumacher smash hit Batman And Robin… Okay, “smash hit” may be overstating things a little. In fact, this movie is one of the most maligned and hated things on earth. Everyone who experiences it seems to hate it, much like crotch rot or pound cake.

This movie stars Cloon-dog, some Austrian guy, a space-vampire and a couple of bimbos. I think it’s mostly about Alfred dying or something but it might also be about like, seven million other sub-plots. Maybe it’s about Coolio livin’ in a gangsters paradise.

It’s really not as bad as everyone says but please do not take that as an endorsement.