I’m all for creator’s rights and I dig hearing all this talk about ghost rider and stuff. I’m glad someone is talking about things like this and trying to bring these stories to light for a world that will never care. I’m all for it, really I am. That being said, I’m pretty sure if I were ever put in a position of power I’d fuck someone over. I’m almost 100% sure of it. I might not fine some poor fucker thousands of dollars for simply stating he created something that I stole from him but somewhere along the way, I would do something shitty to another human being simply because I had the power and they didn’t. But I’m a morally bankrupt devil, I admit to it. Marvel seems to think it is on the side of good what with all the good vs. evil stories they tell. They should just say “yes, we admit it, we’re pretty evil. All that stuff that’s said about corporations raping the masses in order to make a buck, that’s us.”

Just own it Marvel. come on.