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Jezebel at Study Group

Hey folks, it’s your best friend Elijah. Just a brief reminder that you can read my satiric Bible story Jezebel over at study group comics. It updates every wednesday and if you haven’t read any of it before there’s a good chunk for you to sink some teeth into, not YOUR teeth per se, but SOME teeth. New readers should start here

Reich #11 Now available

The penultimate issue of my biographical comic about psychoanalyst, sex researcher and UFO enthusiast Wilhelm Reich, is available from Sparkplug comic books

"Here’s hoping you’re all reading along and giving this guy as much money as possible; he’s one of the many artists out there who should have complete freedom to do whatever the hell he feels like." Optical Sloth



Hey y’all. Im running a little behind on coloring my stupid Diary strips. They’ll be back asap.

In the meantime, don’t forget my comic Jezebel updates every wednesday over at study group

And my biographical comic about Wilhelm Reich is available to purchase over at the Sparkplug comics site. 

feel free to send feedback and death threats to elijahbrubaker@gmail



Check out the page above marked “comics” for links to Jezebel and a few older things I already had lying around in my archives. Chances are, if you’re reading this or know who I am, you’ve read at least some of that stuff already but there you go. I have plans to add a few new stories in the near future.

warm up panels

warmuppanels1I usually end up doing some warm up panels every morning just to get the juices flowing. Sometimes they turn into actual comics, usually they go nowhere. This one was me playing around with a red niji pen and an orange micron. I never have any need for those pens so I figured I’d play around. These girls might show up in some comic somewhere in the future, I kind of like them. we’ll see.


comic01webquite often, pages like this just come out. sometimes they can get rolling pretty easy and jump start some kind of story. Usually I just file them away and hope they do me some good somewhere down the line.

This page was just a little exercise while I was winding down and getting ready to go to sleep last night. I really like the way this page came out. I mean, the lettering is gross and the panel borders are a little too sloppy but I wish I could keep my drawings this loose and fun.


some bitlets and bite sized chunkery

I forget to update my site. Sorry.


This weekend I will be at the stumptown comics fest in Portland. On Saturday I’ll be involved in a panel discussion of my friend and comics-boss Dylan Williams. I do not guarantee I will actually speak in anything but grunts and gestures. I’ll be at the Sparkplug booth and wandering around the show doing this and that. Keep an eye out.


Also, check out my comic Jezebel over at there have been a number of updates since last I posted here.


another bit of news is that I’ll be at the Autoptic show in Minneapolis in August. if you’re a Minnesotan, come by the show and see me. There is also going to be a lot of other cool people to gawk at and talk with.




9coverHey everyone I figured I should remind you that this comic is for sale. It’s being serialized over at the Studygroup 12 site but if you want to get a jump on the story, here’s your chance. There’s 34 pages of Jezebel and a two pager about a fistfight I got into recently. excitement! It’s five bucks plus a dollar postage. More accurately it’s like four bucks and two dollars postage. god damned post office charges an arm and a leg nowadays. dumb.   Happy Easter!

Price: $6.00

digital copies

Please note that I’ve made .cbz files available of Blue moon 5 and 6 in my store as well as a pdf of issue 5. I’m still figuring this all out so, y’know if you have any problems downloading the files please let me know. Not liking my comics doesn’t count as a problem, you don’t get your money back for thinking I’m a shitty cartoonist. there will be other file types available soon as well as issue 7 and other books and projects. Seriously, I’m in uncharted waters with this junk. any pointers or suggestions would be awesome.

This is the app I use to read cbz files on the ipad.


Hey y’all. I’m starting to put some stuff into the shop. I think everything works the way it’s supposed to. I’ll have all the issues of Reich available and more minicomics and stuff coming soon. go here.



update: I guess the checkout part of the shop isn’t working. not really a surprise since I could fuck up a cup of coffee. I’ve been noodling with it all day with no real luck. probably something really simple I’m not doing. anyway, check back later. sorry for being stupid.

Update 2: I think the thing is working now. send me an email or leave a comment if you have any issues buying crap. Thanks.