Old Stuff

This is from about six or seven years ago. It’s one of a million projects that never really went anywhere. It’s pretty horrible looking. I’m happy that the car turned out okay without looking too photo-referenced and the goopy ghost at the bottom is pretty neat, I guess. 

The plan was to do a fun horror story without any words. I still want to try that sometime. I rely on dialogue in my comics. Almost all my characterization comes from dialogue and narration, propped up by body language and visual cues. The visual aspect of my comics, in terms of raw storytelling and character, always takes a backseat. I wanted to do away with the things I think I’m good at and try to challenge other parts of my brain. I also like the idea of stories that anyone can read, regardless of reading level or what language they were raised with. 

This particular story was going to be based heavily on Dracula. The dude in the car was supposed to be a Jonathan Harker type. Kind of dumb but maybe I’ll try a different approach to something like this one of these days.

Reich pages for sale

Pages from my biographical comic book, Reich, are available to buy if you’re into that sort of thing. The above pages are $120 each US, plus shipping. Any other page from the book is also up for purchase, at around the same price, depending on availability.  Email elijahbrubaker@gmail.com. Thanks.


A short Tony Salmons comic from a GI Joe annual. Written by Larry Hama, of course. Some interesting composition stuff and the color is bonkers. It also has a great panel of a dude shoving a comic book down another guy’s throat.


Hey y’all. I’ve been putting some Hubert comics on my website. usually updates twice a week. Hoot.

the above comic is just a thing that was lying around in my sketchbook. 



Jezebel at Study Group

Hey folks, it’s your best friend Elijah. Just a brief reminder that you can read my satiric Bible story Jezebel over at study group comics. It updates every wednesday and if you haven’t read any of it before there’s a good chunk for you to sink some teeth into, not YOUR teeth per se, but SOME teeth. New readers should start here

Reich #11 Now available

The penultimate issue of my biographical comic about psychoanalyst, sex researcher and UFO enthusiast Wilhelm Reich, is available from Sparkplug comic books

"Here’s hoping you’re all reading along and giving this guy as much money as possible; he’s one of the many artists out there who should have complete freedom to do whatever the hell he feels like." Optical Sloth



Hey y’all. Im running a little behind on coloring my stupid Diary strips. They’ll be back asap.

In the meantime, don’t forget my comic Jezebel updates every wednesday over at study group

And my biographical comic about Wilhelm Reich is available to purchase over at the Sparkplug comics site. 

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