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Mr. Wolf No. 2 is now available


Mr. Wolf No. 2 is now available from!

"When he’s not creating amazing comics, he’s teaching.

Teaching elementary school. 

He’s assembled a great little mini-zine featuring comics all about the life of a teacher.

They’re funny, clever and incredibly observant — both of what it means to be a kid and how they see the world, but how we, as adults interact with them.”

Mr. Wolf’s 2nd year teaching. Please help support my life as a cartoonist and teacher.

Price: $5.00

Pages: 44

comic01webquite often, pages like this just come out. sometimes they can get rolling pretty easy and jump start some kind of story. Usually I just file them away and hope they do me some good somewhere down the line.

This page was just a little exercise while I was winding down and getting ready to go to sleep last night. I really like the way this page came out. I mean, the lettering is gross and the panel borders are a little too sloppy but I wish I could keep my drawings this loose and fun.


some bitlets and bite sized chunkery

I forget to update my site. Sorry.


This weekend I will be at the stumptown comics fest in Portland. On Saturday I’ll be involved in a panel discussion of my friend and comics-boss Dylan Williams. I do not guarantee I will actually speak in anything but grunts and gestures. I’ll be at the Sparkplug booth and wandering around the show doing this and that. Keep an eye out.


Also, check out my comic Jezebel over at there have been a number of updates since last I posted here.


another bit of news is that I’ll be at the Autoptic show in Minneapolis in August. if you’re a Minnesotan, come by the show and see me. There is also going to be a lot of other cool people to gawk at and talk with.