The Wraith (1986)


Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison tackle the 1980’s ghost-car-revenge movie, the Wraith. It has Clint Howard, Nick Cassavetes, Sherilyn Fenn and Charley Sheen (sort of)

I guess this movie is about a car that comes back from the dead to get revenge on a guy with a switch blade or something. I don’t know… I’ve already forgotten.

There are hella explosions in this movie and Audrey Horne gets a little naked, I remember that much. I think there was a scene where the Wraith has a ghost shotgun and Ron Howard’s brother screams a lot. This movie is super good. I give it five thumbs.

unpleasantness (bonus episode)


It’s been a while since we posted a bonus episode but this one has it all. While the guys gear up for next week’s movie (The Wraith) there’s lots of talk about Elijah’s dick, Robin’s nuts and death. This episode includes the beginning of a (perhaps) ongoing segment where Elijah goes all Kenneth Anger and talks about nasty stuff that happened on the sets of movies.

This episode isn’t for the timid but none of the episodes are, really. I mean, go back and listen to the Disney Sleepy Hollow episode… that thing gets gross fast.

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Old Stuff

This is from about six or seven years ago. It’s one of a million projects that never really went anywhere. It’s pretty horrible looking. I’m happy that the car turned out okay without looking too photo-referenced and the goopy ghost at the bottom is pretty neat, I guess. 

The plan was to do a fun horror story without any words. I still want to try that sometime. I rely on dialogue in my comics. Almost all my characterization comes from dialogue and narration, propped up by body language and visual cues. The visual aspect of my comics, in terms of raw storytelling and character, always takes a backseat. I wanted to do away with the things I think I’m good at and try to challenge other parts of my brain. I also like the idea of stories that anyone can read, regardless of reading level or what language they were raised with. 

This particular story was going to be based heavily on Dracula. The dude in the car was supposed to be a Jonathan Harker type. Kind of dumb but maybe I’ll try a different approach to something like this one of these days.

The World’s End (2013)


Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison discuss the third installment in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s nonconformist trilogy. It’s not the deepest reading possible of this film but the fellas do their damnedest to review the thing, top to bottom, crotch to cranium.

It’s the story of five gents who try to relive their youth and get back a little of what was lost along the way, then they have to battle robots.
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Masters Of The Universe (1987)


Elijah and Robin manhandle the Masters Of The Universe, starring Dolph Lundgren and Christina Pickles.

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here are a few pages of an action/adventure/sci-fi comic I worked on a couple months back. I couldn’t get any publishers interested in it, which is for the best, I think. It’s a big sprawl of a story that involves conspiracies and space battles and hallucinations and a dude with an Underwood no 5 typewriter for a head. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday, when I have eleven years to kill. For now, though, the first two issues of this thing will just go into the trunk. I’ll probably post more soon. It’s not a great comic but I worked on it and some of you might want to take a look. thanks E

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

lethalweapon4Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison close out their examination of all things lethal weapon by taking a gander at the final installment (so far) of the franchise. The fellas talk about whether Leo Goetz really deserves what he… gets. They discuss their mutual fondness of Jet Li and ass-beatings. They briefly mention that Chris Rock is in this thing, and Elijah explains to the listeners where babies come from.
It’s a nonstop rollercoaster of excitement. This episode of the Movie Show grabs you by your throat and crushes your trachea with laughs. This show shoots the valve on the napalm tank of depression and sends it flying into a gasoline tanker full of love… and gasoline.

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Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)


Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison tackle the third Lethal Weapon movie. This one is even more ramshackle and about-nothing than the previous two films, however, Riggs finally gets to stick his dick into something that doesn’t die.

There’s kicking and explosions, if you’re looking for more than that, you’re an idiot.

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Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)


Elijah Brubaker and Robin Morrison examine the sequel to Lethal Weapon, imaginatively named Lethal Weapon 2. It’s a perfectly serviceable Lethal Weapon movie and all kinds of crazy shenanigans happen. There’s a nailgun massacre, an adult baby, toilet bombs and apartheid. Spoiler, I just gave away the entire god damned movie. Krugerrands!
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Movie Show update


Hey, you dumb dicks, it’s your best friend, Elijah Brubaker. If you’ve subscribed to the podcast I co-host with my stalwart compatriot, Robin Morrison, I’ve got some news. Due to some technical snafu or internet wangdang that came my way, the feed wasn’t being read by Itunes anymore. A real bummer, as we’ve amassed literary tens of listeners over there.

Everything has been patched up. I’ve splortched chewing gum over all the cracks and duct-taped that mamma-jamma to kingdom come. Unfortunately, in the process of getting the show back on the air, I was forced to create a new feed and rejigger things extensively.

What that means for you is, you’ll have to go here and resubscribe to the Movie Show. Sorry for the hassle.

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